Financial Coaching With A Personal Touch

why I am a coach

My name is Brandon Turner. I was once deeply in debt and had a massive financial hole to climb out of. Over the course of seven years, I completely erased all consumer debt. From this experience, I want to help you improve your financial position with everything I have learned. Your future has no boundaries! What I experienced with coaching cannot be put into words, and I want you to have that same experience.


It is said that in order to manage money successfully, 80% of that success is psychological and 20% is mathematical. This book is deliberately written to equip the reader with the tools necessary to master their own mind, followed by financial know-how. Most of this book is about the 80% that allows success not only with money, but in life in general! 

Why Have a Financial Coach?

A coach is someone who longs for your success. A coach wants you to win not only with money, but in life. Because money touches all areas of our lives including health, family, and work – a holistic, well-rounded coaching style is practiced here at Money Matters Personal Finance. A coach also helps people find what is already within them so that they may tap into the potential they’ve had all along.

What you have to look forward to

There is only one condition required to make coaching a success – are you willing to do whatever it takes? If so, you can look forward to learning how to apply focus, gain clarity, set goals, expand your comfort zone, change undesirable habits, implement desirable habits, relieve stress, save time, have more energy, raise your self-esteem and gain more self-confidence in the process. 

Schedule a risk free, no cost interview session lasting about 20 minutes to find out if we’re a good fit

All scheduled
appointments done by phone call or zoom

We service individuals and couples with three or six month coaching blocks
of the client’s choosing. Meetings are once per week in half hour sessions.
We also offer money back after reaching your goals!

Recovery centers are also on our service list with workshops, courses and one on one
coaching. This can also be done by phone call or zoom.

Interview Session

This is a risk-free call, completely free of cost that lasts up to 20 minutes to see if we’re a good fit.

One hour Takeoff Session

This call contains a deep of dive into the mindset and financial position of the client. Here is where we discuss limiting beliefs, habits, and develop a strategy for the foreseeable future, in writing.

Choose coaching package

If you decide to commit to coaching and you’re low on cash, no problem!
Payment plans are negotiable on a case by case basis and written in the
coaching agreement. If you’re unsure if you want to commit to coaching or
not, you can start with free content in the “Free Stuff” section. You can
also participate in one of our workshops or sign up for a course!